Shifu tuck blouse
[Limited sale: Hand-woven, hand-spinning, vegetable dye]

■colour/dyes:Grayish pink/ Lac Vegetable dyed
■(L:58cm B:94cm Lokta (weft) 70% Cotton(warp)30% Hand-washing)
These simple blouses are designed to let people know comfortable feeling of Shifu products as much as possible.
Since the threads spun strongly, these beautiful creases on this textile have been appeared as if they are naturally creased.
The pleats on the centre front stitched on several parts show the creases more elegant.

Shifu Lace Tunic
Left: Beige  Right: Freshwater
L: 75cm B:100cm Shoulders: 40cm Sleeve: 52cm
Lokta (weft) 70%, Silk (warp) 30%, Lace: Cotton 100%, Button: Bones

Shifu Designed Jacket
L: 65cm B: 92cm Shoulders: 38cm Sleeve: 55cm
Lokta (weft) 70%, Silk (warp) 30%, Button: Bones

Shifu Half Sleeve Shirt
Left: Charcoal Gray (Amra)
Right: Blown (Catechu)
L: 72cm B:114cm
Lokta (weft) 70%, Cotton (warp) 30% Hand-washing