Shifu meaning woven paper cloth in Japanese was created by weaving cloth from threads of paper sometime in 11th century in Japan, and was produced and consumed as apparel as well as a commodity by samurai families in 17th century. Research toward creating paper clothing began in Japan once again with the emergence of demand for clothes from natural and environment friendly products in the 1990s. The research found paper yarn to be a good alternative to other yarns for making cloth suitable for those with allergies and environmental health problems.

In the insertion of Nepali Bazaro Ltd. , Chairperson Ms. Haruyo Tusiya’s humble creation is Shifu Cloth.

Young Wow Craft is the pioneer producer of Shifu in Nepal. It has turned Nepali handmade paper into thread, and woven the thread into paper cloth on handloom. Young Wow Craft has created meticulously conceived and visually stunning Shifu paper cloth gaining acclaims for its artistry and creativity. Young Wow Craft has registered a trade mark for its product as Shifu Nepal in Nepal.

Shifu Nepal Cloth is made out of the hand made paper that is made from the inner bark of wild under storey shrubs locally known as “Lokta” or Daphne Cannabina or Daphne Papyracea. These plants grow gregariously in the under storey of both coniferous and broad leafed forests located at altitude of 6500 feet to 9500 feet in Nepal. The long fibrous in Nepali hand made paper is prized for its rough attractive texture its durability, high tearing strength and its resistance to insects.



ヤング・ワオ・クラフトはネパールにおける紙布のパイオニアです。彼女たちはネパールの手作り紙を糸に変え、手織り機でその糸を紙布に織り上げました。ヤングワオクラフトは細部にまで配慮の行き届いた、美しい紙布を作り上げ、その技術と独創性に対する評価を得ています。ヤングワオクラフトはネパールで紙布をShifu Nepalとして商標登録しています。