Shifu – Designers’ Choice

Shifu – Designers’ Choice

Today Shifu cloth is used as high fashion items by designers from Japan, South Korea, UK, Sweden, Canada and USA. Garments and clothes are made from Shifu based on other natural fibers and yarns namely cotton, silk, nettle, Shifu cloth in different color are also available by made based on cotton, silk, nettle and others are vegetable dyed by natural plant dyeing process.   The dyeing is done with natural flora/plants that are indigenous to the Himalayan region.

Shifu garments and clothes that  are blouses, shawls, scarves, dresses, bags, gift items and others are exported to overseas market. Young Wow Craft produces clothes and garments ordered by designers from Japan, South Korea, Austria and UK is exporting to them in their respective countries. Few of the Shifu garments designed by overseas designers and Young Wow Craft can be seen by searching the websites of its customers. Some of the websites are:

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