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世界中の6633人のメンバーがみていると言われるWFTO Europe Face Bookで、私たちが力を入れている紙布が紹介されました。

Think of Japan and the word ‘fashion’ must be one of the first to pop up, but have you ever imagined the cute blouse or elegant jacket that impresses you is made of paper? Yes, since 2003, Nepali Bazaro has started the project of Fair Trade paper cloth, known as Shifu. Young Wow Craft was set up and has succeeded in tu…rning Nepali handmade paper into thread, and has woven the thread into paper cloth on handloom!
In fact, Shifu was originated from 11th century Japan when poor farmers made cloths out of used paper to survive through cold winters. It’s even good for those with allergies!
To learn more about this chic fashion fabric, please visit Nepali Bazaro’s website:

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